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that’s it. that’s the whole show

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i want there to be an angel that descends from the heavens only when someone is being stupid

and the angel just gently places their hand over the person’s mouth

and whispers in a voice filled with heavenly beauty and love











This explains everything

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video game meme → [1/5] heartwarming scenes/moments → edi’s attempts at joking

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Average Lifespans in Mass Effect

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lynionpoeasked, "Drell: 85 years. Humans: 150. So Shepard would still outlive Thane even if he didn't have kepral's. :'D"




and shepard’s life would probably be extended by their cybernetics anyway too

You stay out of this

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Probably gonna draw thane’s date too, in the future :0

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Death of a Cycle


It’s time for SAD SHRIOS WORK. Here’s an alternate universe where Shepard dies before Thane does. Takes place sometime in Mass Effect 2.


Shepard dragged herself to the wall, slumping against it weakly. She sucked in a long breath, trying to ignore the pain ringing through her lungs as she did. Shit. Shit, this was a bad wound. Yes, this was very bad. She clutched at her chest tightly with one hand, wincing at the blood that soaked her fingers immediately. Bullet had gone straight through her. She leaned her head back against the wall, bringing in another tortured breath. Couldn’t feel her legs. Just cold numbness. Spinal injury. Right lung burned horribly. Punctured, definitely. Every pump of her heart sent a flash of pain through her chest, so something was damaged there too. She swallowed hard, gasping in a breath. Her back was soaked, her chest was soaked. So if she didn’t die of anything else, blood loss would take her within a few minutes. She slid her eyes shut, wheezing.

The realisation came calmly, smoothly. This was a killing wound. She wasn’t stupid. Too much trauma to too many vital parts. At best, if she were somehow transported onboard the Normandy within the next minute, she’d survive without the use of her legs, and probably with permanent heart damage. Maybe the latter could be fixed if she went to one of the best hospitals in the galaxy, but the paralysis? Probably not. But the point was moot. Every breath was a struggle, and she was losing too much blood, too quickly. There was no time to save her, and no medi-gel strong enough to help her.

At least she had died fighting. Her eyes drifted open at the sound of footsteps.

Thane stared down at her in shock, unable - unwilling - to believe what he was seeing. He crouched down before Shepard, hands raising to take hers, but he stopped when he saw her clutching her chest tightly. Blood covered her hand, soaked her shirt, pooled on the ground beneath them.

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whenever i see this gif


i think of this one time my sister was riding in the car and she was doodling

and she finished drawing this shark right at a stop light so she turns to the guy in the car next to her and holds up her drawing and shows it to him

and he looks over at it and he makes like that exact expression

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That’s not how you do it Javik

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"Just know if we win, and I die.. the drinks are on me babe.”

Ulysses and her dumb canary boyfriend. I made myself sad with the thought of them going to get some classy pictures done before their date on the Citadel. Also some close ups because there’s actually some detail happening in here.

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